WDO – Selection Events.

The World Dance Organisers run a number of amateur world championship events for all age groups.  These events are open to the world and are not limited to representatives from countries.  Any competitor is welcome to enter.  The NZFDT through our membership of NZDR wish to support the WDO as well as NZ amateur competitive dancers.  We will do this by helping our top achievers from this years championship to attend four of next years events.


The NZFDT will select couples to the following WDO World Championship events from the 2019 NZ Championship.

2020 World Championship Senior Ballroom – January USA

2020 World Championship Junior Latin – January Italy

2020 World Championship Amateur Latin – December Italy

2020 World Championship Juvenile Ballroom – October China*

The following events at the 2019 Championship will also act as the selection event.  If you wish to be considered for the selection event you must contact the organiser by clicking here and notifying us, before the date of the Championship.  This will also mean that you must meet the age group requirements for each WDO event on that date and are a NZ based couple.

  • Adult Open Latin
  • Masters 1 & 2 Open Ballroom
  • Junior Open Latin
  • Juvenile Open Ballroom*

A Travel grant will be provided to the winning eligible couple to the value of $2500.

*Note:  Due to the age differences for Juveniles in NZ (U13) and International Competitions (U12), we will make the following allowance.

If the winner of the Juvenile Selection event is deemed ineligible due to the WDO age criteria they will have the option to compete at the WDO World Junior (U14) Championship in Lithunania in May 2020.